Landscaping service

One of the services provided by our company has a special place in the "Landscaping" service.

One of the services provided by our company has a special place in the "Landscaping" service. We offer you to plant the whole area or a part of it according to your wishes.

Stages of landscaping. The stages for landscaping include:

1. Draw a sketch of the area before starting the landscaping work. In this case, the measurements should be recorded in the sketch. These dimensions include the width and height of the garden, the distance of the boundaries to the building, other structures and trees;

2. The sketch shows sunlight and shady areas, access to the area, bad images we want to hide, directions we want to see, and so on. rendering;

3. Identify noisy centers that disturb you during landscaping. By defining this area, you can create a plant curtain on the border of the garden in that direction;

4. Proper selection of plants according to the area. It is advisable to choose large plants for the garden part of the house, and small plants as you approach the house. In this case, distant plants will also provide a background for nearby ornamental plants;

5. Create shade elements in the most suitable place for your garden, walkways or decorative basin;

6. Determining the location of the playground for children against the background of greenery;

7. Starting plant selection after drawing up the master plan of landscaping works.

Landscaping services. Landscaping services include:

1. Greening of urban areas;

2. Landscaping of private gardens;

3. Vertical gardening;

4. Winter gardens;

5. Plants in the interior;

6. Selection and planting of plants;

Aesthetic rules during landscaping. Basic aesthetic rules must be followed when carrying out landscaping work. Aesthetic rules to be followed during landscaping include the following:

1. Regulation of vegetation ratio by area. This prevents both visual and functional discomfort through plants.

2. Harmony. There must be harmony between the structure and the relationship between the garden and the plants. This harmony is very important in terms of style, geometry and color.

3. Symmetry. It is an element that is often used in the regulation of landscaping. Symmetry creates an aesthetically pleasing feeling. (For example, plants planted symmetrically on both sides of the building entrance)

4. Balance (creating a balance between proportions, structures and gaps)

5. Style. Your garden should have a special and individual style. Instead of the image created by the random combination of plants, a special style is created by choosing plants in a similar style and using these materials in accordance with the architectural style of the garden and the building.

Details to be considered during landscaping. The following important points should be taken into account during landscaping:

1. In landscaping works, first construction works should be completed, then landscaping works should be started.

2. If the soil is bad, the top soil can be changed and if it is well dried, the result can be obtained.

3. Large trees should be planted first, then shrubs, and finally ground cover and flowers, and finally grass cover.

4. The installation of an automatic irrigation system should be considered before planting.

5. During landscaping, attention should be paid to the characteristics of plants, such as climate and soil requirements, shade tolerance.

If you want to give your chosen area an individual, plant-like look, contact our company's "Landscaping" service.