Our team offers our clients a high level of design (approval), design, cost estimate, geology, topography, etc. during repair and construction.

Our team offers its clients high-level services such as design (approval), engineering, cost estimate, geology, topography, etc. during repair and construction. When designing (coordinating), designing, costing, geology, topography, our company also provides such services, taking into account customer satisfaction.

A construction estimate is a necessary document to determine the cost of building a house for a selected project. This includes items related to the cost of both materials and work performed. Season, region, distance from the supplier of building materials, etc. It is very important to prepare an estimate in advance in order to take into account factors that may affect the cost of construction. When drawing up a construction estimate, two main categories of costs are taken into account:

1. Expenses for building materials;
2. Costs associated with work.
Benefits of the estimate for the client:
1. Ability to carefully review all stages of work;
2. The ability to make adjustments to the material, if necessary, before starting work;
3. Conduct a tender for work between organizations;
4. Ability to control the quality of work in the future;
5. Ability to control the amount of material fees.

Performing geological, geodetic and topographic works. Our team for you
provides prompt and high-quality performance of any geodetic work (survey), including topographic.
Topographic and geological services.
Topographic and geological services can be divided into several main areas:

1. Topography of underground and surface structures (engineering communications).
2. Updating topographic plans.
3. Very large-scale relief (geography of mineral resources based on landscape design).
4. Construction and implementation of geodetic networks Geodetic works in the field of construction.
5. Construction of support border networks.
6. Geodetic support of construction and installation works.
Special geology, geodetic works
Special geological and geodetic works of our team include:
1. Geodetic control over the accuracy of the geometric parameters of buildings and structures, geodetic surveys (checking the verticality of the columns);
2. Carrying out spatial and geodetic works (determination of the volume of soil masses);
3. Measurement of buildings and structures, including facades and interiors.
By using the services of our team, such as "Design (approval), design, estimate, geology, topography, etc.", you will save your budget and time, avoiding unforeseen costs during construction.